Guess we shouldn’t have joked about the Pope…

We got another call from Pepperkat today.

First, she asked if she was allergic to bee stings. Her mother said if she was still breathing, then probably not.

Then, she told us that the ATM machine outside the Vatican ate her credit card. “I have 15 Euros to last the rest of the trip!”

Well, they’re going to see if they can get it back from the bank tomorrow. Otherwise, we’ll have to see about replacing it and getting them to deliver one to whatever hotel she’s staying at. Either that or wire her money. *sigh*

Hey, but she didn’t break anything climbing Vesuvius!

[Grooving to: Poprocks & Coke by Green Day]
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11 Responses to Guess we shouldn’t have joked about the Pope…

  1. Buzz says:

    Dude, sometimes you eat the bear. Sometimes the bear eats you. That’s just he way it works.

  2. Annessa says:

    Solly? Will you adopt me? Then I can lost my ATM card at the Vatican. Hey, at least I’ll be there, instead of sitting at home, again.

  3. Busy_mom64 says:

    I think the Pope can get it back, just ask.

  4. Maria says:

    No broken bones is a very good thing! So of course, is having a great Dad like you! :o)

  5. GeekMan says:

    Hey Sol, can you wire me some money? I think I need to buy a new 38′ yacht since my 24 footer is feeling a bit on the small side…

    Oh, and I could also use a new Shriner car.

  6. Solonor says:

    Did the Vatican ATM eat your credit card? Hmmm? Until then you’ll have to deal with the allowance I give you, young man.

  7. Sunidesus says:

    What’s this about allowances? I could use one of those…

  8. Dania says:

    Allowance? I’m with Sunidesus..definitely need one…I’ll like, wash your dishes or something 😉

  9. jane says:

    way to look on the positive side sol!
    can you get a credit card company to get her a card? i have spent a lot of time in europe and most places take credit cards. and you can get money outta the atm with a small fee. i also had my wallet stolen while in rome, called citibank and they had me another card airmail express the day after. crazy. i will be a lifelong citibank customer for that. otherwise you might be making a trip to western union.

  10. Pepperkat says:

    Hey, I got my card back!!! YAYYYYY The Vatican was fun…weeeeell, not really super fun but fun none the less. Anypoot, I’m still in Italy and EEEEP I gtg! BAI!

  11. dragonleg says:

    Hey, i could use one of those Shriner cars, too!

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