Happy Birthday, Boy!

Everybody needs to wish my oldest offspring a happy 16th birthday. Yes, everyone who still remembers the know-it-all toddler and ex-advertising model, Whiny the Elder, should probably not be looking at this stuff. It will make you feel really old, really fast.

For the rest of you, though, weren’t he just the cutest thang? Yes, ladies, he still has that red hair. (I am so dead.)

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Newborn Whiny...so tiny... First advert  shot Awww I am the coolest. Superstar, well alright you are.

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15 Responses to Happy Birthday, Boy!

  1. Kim says:

    Happy Birthday, Eldest Child!!

  2. Scott says:

    Happy Birthday, indeed!

  3. Ejen says:

    Funny I thought you were 16 going on 21 years old!!!!hehe…sorry I am not around to administer your birthday spankings….have Pepp attend to them for me…. :>

  4. Annessa says:

    Happy Birthday! Now go milk it for all it’s worth. I hear the fraternal figure has many gifts laying about, possibly inside his wallet. Just go and get them, no need to ask first.

    Um, just kidding about the stealing, but go and have a great birthday, and that’s an order.

  5. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Happy Birthday, Oh Whiny One! Jeeze, it seems like just the other day we were teaching him how to say “Fireball!” And I always liked those Northstar photo’s…. I’m sure I still have my wallet version of that around here somewhere.
    Gak, we is getting old.

  6. kat says:

    happy birthday eldest kiddo!! love that red hair!

  7. wSpacebran says:

    happy wSpaceBirthday!

  8. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Well, since it IS his birthday….. MONKEY!
    and Pancakes…

  9. michele says:

    Happy Birthday! Your dad says he will buy you anything in the world you want, including, but not limited to, a brand new car.

  10. theresa says:

    happy birthday! i hope you get the new car michele just promised you 😉

  11. dragonleg says:

    Damn, somebody with hair…we’re envious!
    And hello to you, Paul..
    All of us at Shattered Buddha (which would be me and my goldfish, Piedmont)do indeed wish you a very happy birthday.
    Life is what you make of it, we hope you give em hell.
    And, so where do the rest of us get one of those swell wallet-sized Northstar photo’s that Ric The Schmuck brags about?
    A new car from michele? SWEET!!!!!
    Take care of yourself…Peace-

  12. michele says:

    Read carefully. The car is not from me, it’s from dear old dad! Isn’t he sweet?

  13. Solonor says:

    Watch who you’re callin’ OLD there, woman!

  14. Pepperkat says:

    And DEAR….

  15. Solonor says:

    Hey! Grumble, grumble…I get no respect…

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