Thank You Veterans

Hug a sailor!

That was for Cableman. Hee. Couldn’t find a “Hug a grumpy old Air Force guy” for Grump…

Thanks to all veterans. My dad was a veteran of the Korean War. My father-in-law was in the South Pacific in World War II. One of my cousins (also named Lester) was killed in Vietnam. I appreciate how much men and women sacrifice every day so that I can spew my inane garbage out to you all. You should too.

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One Response to Thank You Veterans

  1. wSpacebran says:

    jes, i have hugged a sailor today. a sailor who served in the Gulf, even, and came home 8 years later with scary tattoos and nipple piercings from Singapore. 🙂 (that’s when he married me. you know, my dear husband Satan.)

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