Monday Mission 2.45

Your Monday Mission, should you choose to accept it . . .

1. Although I was told before hand by my mother, my Grandfather finally told me he has cancer and it was speculated he has about 12 months to live. Has someone you know ever told you they had a terminal illness? What was it like for you when you found out. How did that change your relationship with them?
Both my parents and my father-in-law died from cancer within the past six years. Don’t wait until someone tells you they have six months to live before you start enjoying their company.

2. The concept of having 12 months comes as somewhat of a shock. Often those estimates are wrong and a person lives much longer. But still, it makes me think. If you found out you had 12 months to live, what would you do with that time? How would it change the way you live? Or would it?
It probably wouldn’t. Either I’d be spending all my energy fighting to get over the disease or working toward making sure my family was going to be o.k. It’s very cliched, but you should live like this is the only day you have anyway!

3. My Grandfather has decided to undergo chemotherapy. He was told it would not cure him, but it could prolong his life, however his quality of life could diminish. Having watched my father go through all that to no avail, I am not so sure I would choose that option. If you were (or are) in a situation where chemotherapy might cure you, or might not, would endure the usual side effects and discomfort?
It depends on how old I was. Right now, yes, I would probably try it. But I haven’t seen anyone it ultimately cured, yet. Sorry to sound so negative…

4. How is your health? How are you doing?
Pretty darn good, considering how fat and lazy I am!

5. Speaking of health, I was in a Health Food Store Saturday and learned about something called “Ear Candling.” It involves having a helper insert a cone-shaped candle in your ear, lighting it and having the reverse pressure suck the wax out of your ear. Apparently it is very popular. Do you use, or have you ever tried, any alternative heath remedies or procedures? How did that work out? Anything out there we should try (or avoid)?
No, and I’m not so sure about that one…. But almost all medicine has its roots (so to speak) in folk medicine, so I wouldn’t dismiss it all out-of-hand.

6. Which reminds me, this week at work they are giving flu shots for $15. I hate getting shots, so getting one by choice, and paying for it, is tough for me. How do you feel about Flu shots. Do they give them where you live? Are you going to get one or take your chances?
No flu shot for me! Aaaaa! Run away!

7. I’d like to see either “Spirited Away” or “Bowling for Columbine” before they vanish from the multiplex at the mall. But I will probably have to go see it alone (which I hate). Do you like to go to see flicks at the movie theater alone? Or would you rather have company? Seen any good (or bad) movies lately?
I do not like to go to the movies by myself…which is really strange, considering that I sit there, in the dark, by myself, hoping that no one will talk during the movie! The best thing I’ve seen recently is Tuck Everlasting…waiting for Harry Potter, James Bond and Two Towers!

BONUS: Don’t you want somebody to love?
Don’t you need somebody to love.
Wouldn’t you want somebody to love.
You better find somebody to love!

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