Happy Blogiversary, Lisa!

Unix Gal turns one year old today. Can you believe it? She hardly looks a day over six months!

She was one of the first people ever to link to this little old blog, and I haven’t gotten on her nerves enough to drive her to delink. Must try harder. I’m sure that meeting her in person in just a couple of weeks will be a big help. Mwahahaha.

Congrats to one of the sweetest souls in the blogonetispherazoid.

UPDATE: Unix Gal ain’t Unix Gal no more. Check out the new, improved Unix Gal at Glimpse of a Grrl.

[Grooving to: Big River by Johnny Cash]
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One Response to Happy Blogiversary, Lisa!

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks, Solly! I can’t wait to meet you at Gnomedex! *mwah!*

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