Methuselah ain’t got nothin’ on him!

I’m sorry, but one of the first things I should have posted upon my return from the land beyond the Blogs should have been a hearty HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY to one of my OLDEST friends in the entire world. You know him. You love him. Give him a big birthday greeting. Ladies and gentlemen, the owner of my tagboard: Ric the Schmuck!

Happy birthday, Bruce.

[Grooving to: Psycho Therapy by Ramones]
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9 Responses to Methuselah ain’t got nothin’ on him!

  1. Maria says:

    There is a land beyond the blogs???…….

    ~walks away muttering to herself~……..

  2. Solonor says:

    Yeah, and what’s weird is that they’ve never heard of any of us. And they don’t give a darn about anything that goes on here. Amazing. I mean we’re all soooooo important, right?

  3. Scott says:

    Happy Birthday, Ric!

  4. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Thanks much. My darling wife threw a surprise party for me last night, with people from most every aspect of my life. (with the glaring exception of members of Revolver – GRIN) It was actually pretty cool, so much as surprise parties go. 🙂 Speaking of members of Revolver, the 15th marks the 40th for the last of us to reach that milestone. So we can continue the cruelty all week long!

  5. dragonleg says:

    Garcon, garcon!
    A Samuel Adams and a big plate of birthday cookies for that old dude mumbling to himself over in the corner….
    Happy Birthday, Ric…

  6. Domino says:

    Dude, Happy Birthday! Geez, 40. I’ll be there next year, and I’m already freakin out. So, how’s your mid-life crisis coming along? Give and wife and kids an extra hug and remember, it’s all downhill from here…

  7. Sunidesus says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Are you saying that we’re not important? I’m confused.

  8. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I just know where the bodies are buried…
    and I also have access to many embarrasing photo’s from the past (though I willingly gave many such photo’s to ol’Sol, yet to have seen them return…. I wonder if they still exist!) 🙂

  9. brandelion says:

    happy birthday Ric the Schmuck. 🙂

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