Hear and Obey

Excerpt from Carnival of the Vanities 15:

Of course, Arthur at The Light of Reason goes way beyond the usual lightweight drivel found at my site with What If … Imagination, Tolerance, and an Unpredictable — But Possibly Glorious — FutureThe possibilities are limitless, and so the choice is a simple one: you can either focus primarily on what is wrong with the world now, or you can ask yourself: What if…? And the answers to that seemingly simple question are bounded only by your imagination.
I resolve to be Arthur Silber when I grow up. Don’t look for that in 2003.

Partly because of that, and partly because the demon wench commands it, I urge you all to go and toss a few pennies Mr. Silber’s way, now that he needs it.

At the same time, toss off a quick “you go guy” to Zander.

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One Response to Hear and Obey

  1. michele says:

    You certainly have a heart as big as Arthur’s and that’s saying an awful lot.

    Even if you do refer to me as a demon wench.

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