The Final Five

I feel really bad. I feel like I’ve abandoned Shel and all his hard work at putting together and running blogwhore 2: the revenge of blogwhore, because I haven’t pimped it since getting the boot.

For shame.

These people are working their butts off to make an entertaining show. I’m still watching. I hope lots of people are. If you’re not going to the game site, at least pay a visit to the participating blogs.

Final Five Contestants: Cheyne, Chris, Cis, Cyn and Liz.

Eliminated: Chuck, Fredo, Jen, MG, Micky and Tanya.

Judges: Shel, Philo, Rannie, Jill and Christine.

Peanut Gallery: Geno, Jerwin, Max, Michele, Nancy, Todd and William Ted.

It looks like it might be down to a Final Four soon…

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  1. gnome-girl says:

    you should of let me pimp you more!! 🙂

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