Helping in the 21st Century

With the tsunami death toll rising above 50,000 60,000, everyone is scrambling to find new ways to help. (Think about this for a minute. How many of you, like we used to, live in towns of less than 50,000 people? That’s your entire home town being wiped out in a day. Unbelievable.)

Amazon has set up an easy way for donating to the American Red Cross via their Amazon Honor System.

eBay Giving Works allows you to sell your stuff and donate a portion of the sale to a specific charity or relief event.

And Scott Hanselman has started a movement to urge Google to give folks a way to automatically funnel their AdSense revenue directly to the relief effort. This is a brilliant idea! In fact, I have just signed up for AdSense, though I swore I would never have ads on this site (it’s ok if you do, I’m just a damned Commie). Even if Google doesn’t find a way to do this, I will send any pennies I make to the Red Cross.

How about it? Can we get a bandwagon going here?

(Yes, I realize that Paypal and eBay and Amazon and the rest will probably take their cut of this, but at least some of the money will get through. And maybe through the weight of our cries, we can get them to act like responsible humans and not charge the Red Cross for receiving donations!)

Update 1: The Command Post is rallying bloggers to the cause.

Update 2: 100-percent of your Amazon donation goes to the Red Cross!

Update 3: PayPal has their donation site set up to go to UNICEF and is waiving their fees.

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2 Responses to Helping in the 21st Century

  1. Somewhat says:

    I wonder if Amazon are waiving their horrible fees on this one?

  2. Karan says:

    Amazon is donating 100% of each donation to the American Red Cross. It’s an easy way to send money and a good way to make sure that the money goes toward humanitarian efforts. Do it. Too many more will die unless food and health supplies get there soon.

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