Hey Hey…

It’s Dana here. It’s a Red Letter Friday! What does a Red Letter Friday mean, you ask…. well to be honest, I haven’t actually decided as such…. when I was a teenager, it meant that my best friend and I would big a letter and every time we wrote it, we’d have to use a red pen. However, that seems very annoying as an adult….

So, I think it just means I will try to visit sites with the word RED in them…. I feel a google search going on soon….. hey, you can have a Red Letter Friday too…. leave me a comment and let me know where I can find a good RED site.

– Dana

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4 Responses to Hey Hey…

  1. Kevin says:

    Well given your host I suppose someone should mention the Red Sox. I believe he enjoys Red Dwarf too.

    Hmm, Sol likes red a lot. Maybe he’s a secret commie?

  2. -d says:

    Oh yeah… let’s start a rumor that he is while he’s on vacation..


  3. Susan says:

    ahem – Red Grand AM! 😉

  4. Sally Crawford says:

    Possibly it

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