Solonor retains control here, ‘kay?

Look, I am going to link you up to my website tomorrow.

So behave, ‘kay?

Hi, Ric. I feel somewhat as if a whole set of monsters had woken up.

And look I feel sure that Solonor has got a hotline to the server if things get too bad. And he will pull the plug . . ..

Sally, feigning panic.

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6 Responses to Solonor retains control here, ‘kay?

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Ah, but to initiate said hotline, he’ll have to go through Mrs.R, Whiny & Pepperkat. And then he’ll have to endure their continuous taunting for the rest of the week, and probably much longer, if I know them.

    And no one wants to be taunted a second time….

  2. Sally Crawford says:

    But don’t you think he will have made use of foresight, multidimensional interfaces . . . and negotiated all this in advance with aforementioned Mrs R, Pepperkat and Whiny (who I’ve only just met by the way), possibly while they were asleep – or packing.


  3. Sally Crawford says:

    Hi, Michelle, Dana, by the way.

  4. Ric The Schmuck says:

    You don’t understand the nature of attempting to negotiate with Mrs.R, Whiny and/or Pepperkat.

    Not that it can’t be done, but it wouldn’t be something for the faint of heart.

    And they are all quite cool. I really can’t wait to see them, tomorrow I believe, if the schedule holds to form. I’ve missed them terribly. This blog thingy is only a small consolation…

  5. Sally Crawford says:

    Well they must miss you. Their coolness has nowhere to go without your hotness as it were. I run a journal

  6. Sally Crawford says:

    Part XXXvvIIIiii

    I dunno what brought that on. Possibly the mention of schedules. My life runs to them. (Possibly why I

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