Hey you guys!

The Electric Company is back in an updated form, starting later this month.

I really liked the original Electric Company in the 70’s. “The Adventures of Letterman” (narrated by Joan Rivers and featuring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder)…Road Runner cartoons…Spider-Man…

It looks like the new one is going to have a different format (super-powered kids protecting their neighborhood from their natural-foods diner?) and not nearly the level of star power (at least to start). Besides Rivers, Mostel and Wilder, the original had Bill Cosby, Rita Moreno, and Morgan Freeman as regular performers. Tom Lehrer even wrote music for it. And Irene Cara (later of “Fame” fame) was one of the kids in the cast. Still, it’s nice to see something new and interesting to help kids learn.

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3 Responses to Hey you guys!

  1. Brian says:

    If you really need your fix of old-school Electric Company, it finally came out on DVD as a four-disc box set last year.

  2. Ric The Schmuck says:

    That’s cool. Hopefully it’ll be at least partially as good as the original.

  3. GeekMan says:

    I’ve got the EC DVD set! It’s great! Also, it was “Spidey Super Stories” featuring Spidey-Man, not Spider-Man. And my favorites were the one with the bookworm eating books and the one with the Yeti sitting on people’s ice cream.

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