Hit the Road Jack

CNN.com – Ray Charles dies at 73 – Jun 10, 2004

Yikes! Another major icon dies. Another one who’s name started with “R”…

If these things come in threes, Rodney Dangerfield, Reggie Jackson, and Ricardo Montalban better take their vitamins this week.

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7 Responses to Hit the Road Jack

  1. Busy Mom says:

    Better warn Rip Torn, Randy Newman and the Rockettes, Too.

  2. domino says:

    And how about (and their cause of death):

    Robert (Bob) Dole (old age)
    Ross H. Perot (old age & paranoia)
    Russell Crowe (bar fight)
    Robert DeNiro (wacked)
    Reverend Jesse L. Jackson (any of the above)

  3. etherian says:

    *makes the sign of the cross, the warding of the evil and dances like a lunatic* No more!

  4. Brian says:

    Hmmm…Rosalind Russell…nope already dead…Roy (from Siegfried AND)..nope, already cheated death once this year….mmmm, Roger Moore….maybe, maybe…Ray Romano…boy, don’t I wish….

    I’ll get back to you..

  5. Susan says:

    I thought Rodney already past away?

  6. Solonor says:

    Nope. Sheesh. The poor guy never gets any respect! ;p

    And WAIT! I remembered, Tony Randall just died. There’s our third R. Just not first-named.

  7. Karan says:

    Jazz bassist Red Kelly died yesterday too: 🙁

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