Hot Recording Tip

Here’s one for all you budding recording engineers out there.

Don’t get all excited about your new multitrack recorder and tell your teenage son how great it would be for him to learn how to use it and record his own stuff, unless you want to come home from work and find that the song you’ve been recording and mixing until 3am has been replaced by something like this.

He met me at the door with that goofy grin that says, “Look what I did!” But all I did was rant and rave like a maniac. That was so not cool. I felt horrible afterwards and still do. I remember my dad doing the same damn thing to me when I messed with his recording stuff. Stabbed myself in the heart, I did.

So, anyway, the song I was planning on putting up here tonight will have to wait a while. It sucked anyway, so I’ll just take this as a lesson in how to use the machine (and in making regular backups).

And, hey, THIS has got a nice beat and you can dance to it…

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6 Responses to Hot Recording Tip

  1. Scott says:

    Oh, it’s brilliant, Solly! Whiny has a future!

    Not in music, but he has a future. Somewhere.

  2. MJ says:

    I specifically stated that if you were going to record any of my original music that you clearly credit me. You’ll me hearing from my lawyers… er, or Whiny will, either way, someone is going to pay!

  3. Ric The Schmcuk says:

    [suppressing laughter]
    You know, of course, what you have to do now….
    You HAVE to send that to Dr. Demento.

  4. SgtGrump says:

    If you play that backwards at 37.17% speed, it says “mmmmeeeeeesssshhh wamamamamamamama glorp glorp glup ffffffffffffffffffiiiiiiiaaaaaaahhhhhhhh BLIK BLIK KLIB KLIB emuemu”!
    I am SHOCKED! SHOCKED, I tell you!

  5. snowgirl says:

    So as long as his potato is from Maine. Get your groove on Whiny! Just don’t tell anyone you are related to me. OK?

  6. xade says:

    Maybe replace whiny’s guitar rendition with some kind of trumpet, maybe a sax and I’m sure he would be a hit on the spoken word circuit. For sure.

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