I Always Wanted One Of Those

Remember all those cool ads in the back of comic books? X-Ray specs and Sea Monkeys? The Polaris Nuclear Sub was so gonna be mine! Well, you can visit all of them again at Super Marketing: Ads from the comic books.

But just when I despaired of ever finding a remote control rat, along comes Things You Never Knew Existed.

They’ve got all kinds of cool stuff – from self-hypnosis videos to a desktop guillotine (complete with victim). Learn how to use the secrets of ancient mystics (perfected by covert military agencies, of course) to travel through time. There’s an entire section devoted to fart jokes.

It’s a craptastic cavalcade of comical creations!

Oh, and if you think someone’s watching you, don’t worry. It will just be me after I finish the Invisibility Book.

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2 Responses to I Always Wanted One Of Those

  1. Scott says:

    I wanted that submarine, baby!

  2. sue bailey says:

    They have Billy Bob teeth! Finally, the work done by my orthodontist can be undone, and I can look like a real English person **contented sigh**

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