I am the egg man!

I was talking to Whiny in the car the other day when he said, “I wish they’d play I Am the Walrus on the radio.”

“Wow,” I thought. “That’s wicked cool.”

But my joy turned to horror when he further revealed that he had just heard it on his friend’s iPod–for the first time ever!

Now, you need to understand that this is not just some old guy shaking his head and saying, “Kids these days… they don’t know nuthin’ (SPIT!).” This is me! The same me who is the biggest Beatle freak this side of Philip Norman! The same me that got this little snothead to sleep during his all-night colic fits by turning on Beatle albums and sitting on the floor in front of the speaker rocking him to I’m So Tired, Golden Slumbers and I’m Only Sleeping! Aieeeeee!

Maybe I should just calm down and be thankful that he even knows who the Beatles are…

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4 Responses to I am the egg man!

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:


    Tie him to the couch, feed him lot’s of cheesy poofs, and make him listen to ALL the albums, in chronolgical order.

    Yes, it will take a whole weekend, but think of the father/son bonding that will occur. And these uncomfotable “I Am The Walrus” moments will never occur again.

  2. Mordant C. says:

    That’s shocking–and it’s YOUR fault. I bet you have all the Beatles’ albumns on vinyl, don’t you? Pristine vinyl that you keep in a big special box that no-one’s allowed to go near on pain of much shouting. And you won’t get them on CD because “Oh, we’ve already got them, haven’t we?” Admit it! CONFESS!

    You may yet redeem yourself. Cheesy poofs. Chronolological order. Get to it.


  3. Ric The Schmuck says:

    I know for a fact that he has (or had) them all on vinyl. Whether or not they made it to the accursed land of Florida remains to be seen…

    But I suspect he has the CD’s, as well. At least some of them. Probably many of them.

    Just like me. 🙂

    And that is his fault. ALL his fault.

  4. Kathy K says:

    Heh. Reminds me of a Billy Cyrstal comment on his daughter asking him if Paul McCartney hadn’t been in another group before ‘Wings’.

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