Everything I know I learned from spaghetti westerns

Just finished watching the great western comedy My Name is Nobody. As I doubt that it will ruin the movie for you (either you’ve already seen it or you likely never will), I’ll share this moral lesson from the script.

There once was a little bird.

One winter, when it was very cold, a little bird ventured out from its nest. Being just a young thing, it fell straight to the ground (SPLAT!). Freezing and distressed, the little bird began to peep loudly.

Just then, a cow came along and took pity on the bird. So, it let loose a big old cow patty (KER-PLOP!) right on top of the bird.

The bird, now warm and toasty, still didn’t think much of its predicament. So, it began to peep even louder.

Unfortunately for the bird, a coyote happened to be in the neighborhood. The coyote heard the bird, reached into the cow patty and snatched it up. It wiped the dung off the bird and (GULP!) ate it in one bite.

The moral of the story?

Those who dump on you don’t always mean you any harm.
Those who pull you out of trouble don’t always mean to help.
And if you’re ever in shit…
Keep your mouth shut!

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  1. geeky says:

    you forgot one. wash your food before you eat it.

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