No, YOU’RE a doody head!

Personally, I don’t understand why organizers of Bush-Cheney campaign stops are limiting access to registered Republicans who swear an oath that they’ll vote for the pair in November. Um, isn’t it supposed to be a campaign stop? Who the hell are they going to convince to vote for them, if the only people who can see them are people who were already going to vote for them? I suppose they’re just trying to avoid putting the President of the United States in the position of calling hecklers “goons”…


But really… covering the ketchup bottles so they don’t say “Heinz”? How childish is that?

All Things Considered: Tickets to See Bush Rest on Loyalty

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2 Responses to No, YOU’RE a doody head!

  1. Linkmeister says:

    Yeah, I shook my head when I heard that too. The trouble is, these 10-year-olds are “running” the country.

  2. Zuly says:

    Is it any wonder that financial issues with this administration are so screwed up? If they think it’s important to spend money on labels for ketchup bottles, it frightens me to consider what else they might consider “necessary spending”.

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