I can’t feel my legs!!

Getting ready to head out to grab some coffee and a sweet comestible before catching a train or a cab to the airport.

I’m so glad I got a chance to spend an evening with my brother and Rachel. She was the ultimate Philly insider (having grown up and lived in the city all her life), as we walked through many, many, many, many (did I mention “many”?) blocks of the center city.

I’m trying to remember the route we took (Rachel will correct me if I miss something), but we went from 17th and Naudain down to South St. and east all the way to I95. We took in a great monologue from an actress at the Khyber, then went up to see all the historic stuff (Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, etc.), wound through the darkened city parks and all the off-the-path historic stuff (Carpenter’s Hall, the First and Second Bank buildings, etc.), then through Elfreth’s Alley and had dinner at a Turkish restaurant on Vine St. around 10:30 or 11pm (mmm… baba ganoush…) and hopped a cab back home, past the skyscrapers and the “Rocky steps”, around midnight.

Amazingly, my old man legs have not fallen off… yet.

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2 Responses to I can’t feel my legs!!

  1. geeky says:

    for as long as i lived outside of philly, i’ve never seen the liberty bell.. not even on a class fieldtrip!

  2. Ric The Schmuck says:

    From the description of your travels, I bet you were having a fine old time. Sounds like it was right up your alley.

    Cool. Hope all is well with Pughley and family.

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