Psst! I know a secret…

Western New Jersey is a pretty nice place.

The people we visited today told me not to tell anyone, because they want everyone else to stay in Newark and eastern NJ. But it’s really nice out there… pumpkin patches and winding, forested roads… Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the weather this week is beautiful, clear and cool.

Philadelphia’s pretty nifty, as well. Do I really hafta go back and face Wilma?

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4 Responses to Psst! I know a secret…

  1. Geekman says:

    Not if you extend your stay and visit me in NY! Come on by and we’ll make some music, eat some NY food and cause havok in the streets. Of course, that all depends on whether HoBiscuit will give me money, let me play with my friends and stay out late on a weeknight…

    Please, help me.

  2. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Hopefully there’ll be something left to go back to…. (kidding, sort of)

    Fortunately, Mrs.R is a rather reasonable sort, and can certainly take care of herself and the kid-o’s.

    When are you going back?

  3. Lisa says:

    Southern Joisey is really nice too. They try to keep it hush hush. 😀

  4. CLD says:

    Yes, because we here can’t cope without you rejoining the collective.

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