I Got No Kick Against Modern Jazz

Whiny is looking into getting a music scholarship for college. His music teacher pulled him aside last week and suggested it. He’s in steel drum band at school, and we got him started playing in the bell choir at church.

It took some convincing that it wouldn’t be sacrilegious for him to play bells without going to church regularly, as he is adamantly anti-religion. Of course, Pepperkat (the main instigator of the “twist Whiny’s arm” coalition) is now upset with him, because he just walked in and started playing (“It took me months to get to that point! I hate you!”). The reverse is usually true. Generally, it is she that gets everything easy, while he has to work at it. So, fair is fair.

Anyhow, last night we went to a percussion ensemble concert at UCF. They had a full program that featured a lot of marimba solos. Incredible stuff.

But when you go to bed at 2am, get up at 5:30 and work all day, a 2-hour recital of technically brilliant (but loooong) pieces in a hall where the temperature was set to “comfort of the womb”… well, let’s just say snoring is not one of the percussive sounds they were going for…

(When we got out, one of the first things Whiny said was, “Man, some of that was boring!” He really is a good kid.)

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3 Responses to I Got No Kick Against Modern Jazz

  1. Lisa says:

    Bell-choirs are cool. 🙂 WTG Whiny! And PK, too, since she’s gotten to do some awesome stuff *I* never got to do in HS. 😉

  2. Sunidesus says:

    That bell choir thing has always looked very cool to me.

    Maybe “harmonized snoring” could be a new instrument?

  3. Zuly says:

    We had bell choir at church this morning — I just love it. I played in one for a couple of months at one of my churches and loved it, but the rehearsals at my new church are not at a convenient time.

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