I got the DST blues (da na na na)

Busy Mom hits the nail on the head with You know it’s Daylight Savings Time when…”

“Everyone is 45 minutes late for church.”


“You realize that you have, yet again, forgotten how to change the clock in the car and have to look it up.”

She’s got more, but I’m late getting ready for church.

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4 Responses to I got the DST blues (da na na na)

  1. michele says:

    Finally, the clock in my car will be right again. See, I don’t bother to try and figure out how to change it; I just satisfy myself in the knowledge that it’s right for about six months out of the year.

    Oh, wait. It was two hours ahead. And now we’re another hour ahead..hmmm….multiply by two, carry the one, divide by the square root of Andy Pettite’s ERA……

    Stupid clock.

  2. MJ says:

    Ah yes, the dreaded Car Clock Math. You gotta be Good Will Hunting if you’re riding with me!

  3. Sunidesus says:

    I always end up figuring out how to change the minutes instead of the hours and then have to go all the way back around to get back to the correct time. Grrr. Stupid clock.

    My dad always used to say that about DST and church (when he was still preaching) people’d always show up the last couple minutes and try to sneak in. I think he got a kick out of it.

  4. Zuly says:

    Not many people late for church at my HOW today, which was surprising. Of course, I would have missed church entirely if Seymour hadn’t been up in the middle of the night and realized they needed to be changed. *sigh*

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