I Reckon

At the risk of simultaneously sounding too geeky to live and too useless to be a true geek, I have been struggling with creating a script to show the current date in Shire Reckoning, according to the scheme found at The Shire-Reckoning.com.

Yeah, I know there’s this, but I haven’t put enough brain power into figuring out how to make it work, yet. Note to self: Ask for better PERL skillz next Christmas.

For now, I’ll just say, today is Highday, 20 Afteryule, some such year or another…

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2 Responses to I Reckon

  1. heh heh — so tempting. Re: the C-Pan thing: I’m guessing you’d save the script as “Shire.pm” or whatever he had there, and copy it to your MT plugin folder. (If you don’t have one just make one and set the permissions properly — read and execute, I think.) Then you have to set up an MT tag to put in your blogbody, but that is where my ideas end. Maybe after a few more pots of coffee?

  2. Zuly says:

    Ah, CPAN. Good luck, friend. Maybe Kristine at kadyellebee can help? She lives for challenges like that. 🙂

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