I smell smoke…

And I think it’s coming from Washington…

From the Treasury Department in the Federal Register:

For the convenience of the public, we will also post comments received in response to the notice on the TTB Web site. All comments posted on our web site will show the name of the commenter, but will not show street addresses, telephone numbers, or e-mail addresses.

Yep. Definitely a conflagration in the trousers.

Either that or they just forgot to add the caveat “unless we get too many of them and don’t feel like keeping our word anymore.” Because that’s what it sounds like when you ask for comments, promise not to feed spammers and telemarketers the commenters’ info, then turn around and violate that promise.

They did put out a notice on December 2, saying that you could ask them not to do it. But you had to ask before December 23. So, if you made a comment and didn’t bother going back to dig through their notices (which took me a bit to find, and I was looking for it specifically), you’re out of luck.

[ via Slashdot ]

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