I Think I’m Funny, But Looks Aren’t Everything

I’m late for work and have very little of interest to say this morning. So, I think I’ll just rip off borrow a question from that geeky chick. (No worries. She doesn’t read this anyway.)

There are lots of blogs that strike my funny bone (Acerbia, Are You Hep to the Jive?, DiVERSiONZ, Shattered Buddha, Time For Your Meds! to name a few), but if I really, really, really need a laugh, there are two places to which I head:

The Mighty Geek and Ordinary Morning

I place high value on people who can make other people feel good. So, who in Blogland™ makes you laugh?

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10 Responses to I Think I’m Funny, But Looks Aren’t Everything

  1. Lutero says:

    Acerbia and MightyGeek to be sure, DaveZilla also, and if I want that “reality TV” feel to my humor, then I visit In Passing (inpassing.org).

  2. GeekGrrl says:


    Don’t read your blog, my arse. I’m a faithful reader of … (who’s blog is this again?) Oh yes, I’m a faithful reader of Solonor’s Ink Well.


  3. Christine says:

    Davezilla and aka Cooties are the two from my list that you left off.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    OK, you’re keeping me from working since I have to keep checking these out!

  5. Chari says:

    oh — and “go fish” at http://thegofish.com tell Nicole I sent you…

  6. Scott says:

    http://www.Poofle.com is always a chuckle. When Mike gets going, he’s a gas.

  7. dragonleg says:

    And hello to you, dear Lester…
    As always, we thank you for the kind mention of Shattered Buddha in your excellent Solonor’s Ink Well.
    Kindest regards, bud-

  8. Dania says:

    “I Think I’m Funny, But Looks Aren’t Everything”

    o.m.g I use that phrase all the time, and people never get it!

    back to the post..I don’t make you laugh? *humph* you.suck. 😉

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