I’m not dead! I’m pining for the fjords.

In case you were wondering (and, hey, that’s a really bad case of baited breath you got there), my lack of blogging, commenting, e-mailing and IM’ing is due to a slight case of Diskus Reformatitis.

Gave the ol’ CD burner a good workout, backing up everything that was important to me (i.e., the SGCBL baseball files) before blowing it all away, I did. It wasn’t even until about 30 minutes into re-loading XP before I realized I’d forgotten to backup my e-mail folders and address book. *sigh*

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3 Responses to I’m not dead! I’m pining for the fjords.

  1. jadedju says:

    I totally thought it was wierd that you didn’t call at your usual time.

  2. GeekMan says:

    Just in case:


    Current Job:
    Lord and Master of the 17 Planes of Mortal Existence and Supreme Commander of the Armies of Righteous Retribution

    Past Job:
    Concession Stand Operator, Chuck-E-Cheeeeze

    Sole wielder of the Sword of Sxerzzak, Ultimate Cosmic Naysayer, Eternally Mighty Geek, and proficient typist (45 WPM)

    Graduated Magna Cum Laude from The Lady of Immaculate Combustion School of Armageddon and Other Bad McG Movies

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