September Referrer Madness

It’s time once again for that never-ending saga known as The Top 20 Sites From Which Nice People Came To Look At The Monkey In The Window™

This month’s opportunity to have some fun with those who send me traffic finds me all a-twitter over the new Return of the King trailer. We saw it as it should be seen – in the theater – on Saturday night. I’m still stunned.

So, as a simple tribute, here are my top 20 referrers and their various Tolkien names (with nary a snarky comment to be found), thanks to the wonderful Barrow-Downs Middle-Earth Name Generator!

  1. According to the Red Book of Westmarch, in Middle-earth, Scott was a Revered Vanyar I don’t know about the Revered part, but in Rivendell they called him Sindaavar. In Hobbiton, he was Merimas Gardener from Michel Delving. The dwarves called him Frerin Rockear. But I prefer his Orkish name: Skarlok the Sleazy.
  2. Michele was an Overgrown Eagle (She’s Big Bird!). In Rivendell, they called her Sirithalatawen. In Hobbiton, she was Peony Gamwich from Oatbarton. Her Orkish name was Gutlok the Blacktooth. I think I’ll call her by her dwarven name from now on: Marin Deathear. Hey, Deathear, 2 more games, then the Yankees can sit down for the winter! (And join the stupid Red Sox. Grumble.)
  3. Brian K. (who is winging his way to Paris…we hateses him we does) was a Feared Gamgee. The Hobbits all called him Hamson Mugworts from Haysend. The dwarves said he was Kar Elfrage. Orcs named him Ruzbrug the Deathskull. Personally, I like his elven name: Moragar.
  4. Robyn was a Talkative Dwarf *cough*. In Lord Elrond’s house, she was called Imfirithiel. Meanwhile, plain Hobbits called her Celandine Tunnelly from Longbottom. To the Orcs, she was B
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19 Responses to September Referrer Madness

  1. Scott says:

    Dang, I was first, and I was even gone a week! [flail]

    Too much freakin’ baseball!

  2. theresa says:

    Dammit. Apparently I’m going to have to start stalking you to make it back into the top 20. Prepare to be stalked.

  3. Solonor says:

    Promises. Promises.

  4. Mauk says:

    I’m back in the game, man…

  5. elfchick says:

    a hobbit???? does the word elf carry no weight in these things. I know I’m short but geesh! 🙂 I’m just glad that all those lurking bodies actually use my links. Have a grand weekend

  6. GeekMan says:

    Dammit, I’m unable to update for a couple of weeks and I loose my place in history!

    We hatesesss the dirrrty Sssssolonorssss.

  7. Les says:

    Me? A horrible giant? Damn, I’ve been found out. I like me names, though. I’m gonna have to do some serious Solonor pimping this month so I can be number 1 next time.

  8. wKen says:

    I ended my pimping days long ago, but I’m increasingly concerned by the number of people who use strange terms from The Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter. It’s like being a hot chick at a comic book convention. I just don’t fit in.

    Am I outgrowing fantasy, or immune to the craziness? I did read the LOTR trilogy plus The Hobbit three times when I was about twelve, but that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away when George Lucas still made good movies.

    I’m confused, Mr. Wicked Wood-Elf. Very confused.

  9. Solonor says:

    Face it. You are a hot chick. :p

    When Madonna’s writing children’s books, I figure I’ve got license to do just about anything I want.

  10. MJ says:

    Stunning Elven Maiden! That was my halloween costume last year! Ya didn’t know I had it in me did ya?

    In case you were wondering it’s pronounced mah-GOH…

  11. brandelion says:

    [acceptance speech]

    i would like to thank all the fans for the love, and for helping me climb from no.20 to the no.6 spot. it’s been a hard road to success, and i want to thank each and every one of you–yes, you, and you there with the pink shirt–for making me what i am today. you like me. you really like me! *sob* *choke* *perklempt*

    thank you. thank you all!

    i’d also like to thank my managers, the guys at Sony, my producers, the writers, the grips, the guy who rotates the hot dogs at 7-11, the street performers, my husband Satan, and of course, Jesus.

    [/acceptance speech]

  12. Solonor says:

    MJ: That was, indeed, stunning. Incredibly stunning. Why, on a scale of stunning rated from 1 (getting tapped on the shoulder by a hyperactive spider monkey) to 10 (being disintegrated by a 3-foot-tall, Nike-wearing Martian with a green dog), that, my dear, was turned up to 11.

  13. Solonor says:

    Bran: Just don’t look at the name engraved on the plaque.

    Dammit! I thought sure that Britney chick was gonna win.

  14. Linkmeister says:

    I notice that MJ and I share a hobbit last name; what branch of the family y’all from?

  15. dragonleg says:

    Now this IS strange. Gr

  16. swirlspice says:

    I Think It’s A Compliment

    I linked to Solonor one time and he’s got such nice things to say. I think. Can anyone tell me what this means, exactly? I’m not much into fantasy. Erica is really a Horrible Istari. But before she puts a…

  17. brandelion says:

    er, who’s this Britney chick?
    damn her. damn all the Britney’s!
    up with the Brandy’s of the world!

    well, no, not all the Brandy’s. just me.

    up with me!

  18. I want to be number 1 and I need your help!

    At the end of every month Solonor does a writeup on the top 20 people who sent folks to his website and he gets all creative and stuff when listing them off by applying a kind of theme to the list. This month, for example, he made use of the…

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