Immortalized in Verse

Yay! I got a verse in Bigwig’s latest mutilated Christmas carol: I Sat and Read the Blogs All Day (to the tune of “I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In”).

The fevered dreams of Solonor
On Christmas day, on Christmas day.
Gives visions of minions galore
On Christmas day in the morning.

I’m really full of the Christmas spirit now! Or is that the cheeseburger I had for lunch…

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2 Responses to Immortalized in Verse

  1. kat says:

    just saying hello! so hello =)

  2. kd says:

    similarly off-topic, why is it i’ve seen you all over blogland in comments and thought, oh cool! and yet haven’t been here everyday stalking you like a madwoman?

    i’ve been remiss. this will change.

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