Bush: Saddam has 48 hours to leave Iraq

Here’s my prediction:

Saddam leaves Iraq, claiming it is for the good of the Iraqi people.

We still find some excuse to invade.

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5 Responses to Inevitable

  1. Jen says:

    You don’t think that we need to find out whether or not hes hiding all kinds of chemical and biologcal weapons?

  2. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Nah, why do that? After all, he’s only used biological weapons on his own people in the past. There’s no need to worry about any such issue. He’s cuddly like a puupy dog…..
    signed, poo-poo head

  3. theresa says:

    My prediction: Saddam sends Bush a “care package”

  4. Scott says:

    We know he has stuff still from when we sold it to him. The point is, he’s not used it in a long time — he’s not dumb, and he’d never give it to terrorists =unless= he’s going down.

    What’s been set in motion here with Bush’s ultimatum is a dark, dark future. Al Qaida and other groups are seeing large numbers of recruits from the buildup to war, and the actual war will only make it moreso.

    Sickening that the pResident doesn’t give a damn about homeland security. If he did, he’d actually fund it, instead of forcing states to foot the bill. How’s NY going to, with it’s HUGE budget deficit (12-20 billion — closer to 20, if I recall)?

    As I said, sickening. I want bin Laden’s head first, not Saddam’s. We can find old Saddam whenever we want.

  5. jadedju says:

    In addition to being angry about this, I’m frightened. If 9/11 proved anything, it’s that wars won’t only be fought on someone else’s turf anymore.

    I’ve never felt so powerless.

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