It’s got a good beat…

Last night, Whiny and I were riding back from church, listening to WPRK (per usual). I love PRK. There is no place else around here where you can listen to reggae one minute, classic country the next, followed by an hour of punk and then a piece by Mozart.

Anyway, as with most college radio, there’s a bit of experimentation that takes place. (i.e., You get to hear a lot of scary crap.) We heard this song last night that was pretty much just a steady beat punctuated by weird noises and a guy singing in monotone. So, naturally, we started singing with him and making up our own words, like: “Oh my God. This song sucks. How did I ever. Pass fourth grade. When will I. Change the note.” etc.

From that, we came up with a song that makes us laugh hysterically, but that not even the rest of this warped family understands. I harbor no hope that you will.

Think steady, electronic drum beat and a nerdy, pale dude (i.e., me) singing…

This is the funkiest song I’ve ever written.
It’s so damned funky, I scare myself with its funkitude.
And if I write another funky song,
I’ll use this one as a template to reach the heights of funkdom.
And be the Grand Master of Funk!

It’s so gonna be a hit.

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8 Responses to It’s got a good beat…

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Hell yeah! You’ll need to record it, and use it for the B side to “Robots Never Cry”.

    Wait a minute. They don’t even have B sides any more, do they?

    Sucks to be old.

  2. brandelion says:

    and you could embed “I buried Paul” in there, somewhere, and it would have special significance.

  3. John says:

    You’re destined for greatness.

    For sure.

    I love college radio…I can always count on hearing something I’ve never heard before.

  4. jcwinnie says:

    But do it got funky base rifs?

  5. jcwinnie says:

    If so, would you consider wearing a Leo Sayer wig and making a video for Michelle?

  6. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Oh my God, Leo Sayer flashbacks, arrrrggghhhhh.

  7. shelley says:



  8. sporty says:

    mmmmmmmmmmm pork.

    Oh wait, you said PRK

    mmmmmmmmmmm poooooooooork.

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