They had me at “FREE”

There is no way I have $80 for MLB.TV, but sitting here watching the Red Sox first spring training game of the season, live on my little PC, with the guys from NESN doing the call… if I had it, I’d spend it.


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2 Responses to They had me at “FREE”

  1. Linkmeister says:

    I just discovered that my Verizon DSL deal including access to all parts of; I just had to agree to load MSN Premium on the box. So there I was this morning listening to the Dodgers almost come all the way back from an 8-0 hole against the Braves.

  2. peat says:

    xm radio is doing all teams games in the basic subscription cost this summer! I have XM to go so I am pleased about this. Although I probably won’t be listening to any Sawx games unless they are playing the Yanks.

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