It’s not the heat…

…it’s the fucking heat!

Either society needs to adopt a rule where we all stop mowing our lawns in August and just accept our neighbor’s hay field, or I need to be a bigger rebel and not give a crap what the neighbors think.

Excuse me while I go finish my stroke.

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6 Responses to It’s not the heat…

  1. Ric the Schmuck says:

    I’d tell ya it isn’t a problem back here WHERE YOU BELONG… but it’s not a lot of fun mowing my lawn either, at least in August.

    But it’s only a problem here in August, mind you. I expect you have a longer period of time where mowing the lawn is quite miserable.

    Perhaps we need marauding bands of goats to march through our neighborhoods?

  2. Brian says:

    This is the year I stopped mowing my lawn.

    My front lawn is presently filled with Black-eyed Susans, and my back yard is being colonized by Queen Anne’s Lace (which is unfortunate, because I am allergic to it).

    Next year I am buying some of those shaker cans of wildflower seeds to add to the mix.

    My cats LOVE patrolling their territory in the tall grass and weeds, it makes them feel like tigers.

    To hell with the neighbors.

  3. shelley says:

    I have to tell ya, in UT (as opposed to OK) August actually becomes pleasant weather-wise.

    All we have to do is suffer through July.

    Drink lots of water and stay cool, dude.


  4. Well, at least you’re not one of those pinheads I see jogging around here at noon in the August heat.

  5. Annastazia says:

    Wait, you have grass? Hmm. We just have dead yellow-ness everywhere. Then again, maybe we were supposed to do something about that and that’s why the neighbors look at us funny.

    Eh, screw ’em. It’s too damn hot. I’m going back inside.

  6. Ric The Schmuck says:

    You know what’s even more fun? After having the ground and grass parched for a week or more, then we have torrential downpours. I’m expecting pairs of critters to be strolling down the road any time now…looking for some big ol’boat.

    Imagine what that will do to my lawn? And of course, when I get to mow it again, it’ll be fucking hot then, too!

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