It’s the most wonderful time…

Yes, kiddies, in spite of the fact that we still don’t have the tree put up, the ole calendar on the wall tells us it’s Christmas time. Time for my annual shopping day with the kids.

It’s tradition. We spend all day shopping for Mommy’s presents, getting them wrapped at the Mall (including the ones we sneak in from outside) and stopping at Johnny Rockets or some other burger joint for lunch. We fight over who’ll control the radio when we get tired of Christmas music. Stop each other from looking at presents for ourselves and not Mommy. Screw that and wind up at SciFi City or Borders, and it will either be the most fun we’ve had all year or the worst. experience. ever.

Of course, as my kids are getting less kid-like, I suspect that driving all over hell with their dad belting out tunes like “It’s the most wonderful time to drink beer…” is losing its charm. *sigh*

Oh well. We’ll see what transpires. I’ll have fun anyway, dammit.

Up on the housetop, what the hell was that? It’s just Santa and his Arctic Cat…

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  1. jr says:

    Never miss a chance to embarass your kids at the mall. If it’s not going well ask (in as loud a voice as possible) Do you think mommy could use a new drool cup?

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