John Edwards: Breaking News

In an effort to redeem myself from my drunken ramblings of yesterday, I bring you this headline from Drudge (and I don’t even like him, honestly…..):

John Edwards Really Likes Diet Coke!

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3 Responses to John Edwards: Breaking News

  1. Linkmeister says:

    All that and “inexperienced” too? That settles it for me.

    Has Drudge suddenly decided to emulate the Onion or the Daily Howler and publish sarcasm?

  2. Proof I'm really not a lush…..

    I kinda sorta *tried* to make an ass out of myself yesterday over on Solly's blog by drinking myself into a stupor and proceeding to blog while my beer buddy Ric the Schmuck encouraged me from the sidelines.

  3. Jenni says:

    Yes. Matt Drudge: Always on the cutting edge.

    Loved his usual “Developing….” tag at the bottom of the page. The man is such a jackass.

    Isn’t about time he learned to publish a decent Web page? He has 2000 links on that front page of his.

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