Just Nosey or What?

I thought I was alone in seeing an entry for the iaea.org show up in my referral list every day. Then, today, Scott asked the same question. Who are you? Why are you visiting me from the International Atomic Energy Agency? Are you a fan or what?

Then, I checked my Last 50 Referrers page and noticed that today they sucked down just about every blog page in the span of a minute! Yipes!

Dark conspiracy or rabid fan? Straaaangge…

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12 Responses to Just Nosey or What?

  1. Scott says:

    Wow. That’s almost scary. I wonder if it’s a bot or something that’s checking on us. If so, it might have found anyone who referenced the IAEA recently, and then followed links from that page (which could be how it found you).

    I know I vented about Bush’s lies regarding their reports on Iraq a month or two ago, and shortly thereafter, it started popping up in my logs.

    Big brother in a weird way?

  2. Solonor says:

    I quoted a bunch of IAEA stats and stuff in an argument about whether Iraq has nukes….but that was in the comments of The Truth Laid Bear!

  3. Solonor says:

    I just went back and looked. The first page they hit was the post about the FBI bugging libraries… then they grabbed individual and category archive pages in sequence backwards, including the master archive list and monthly archives. Kinda scary.

  4. michele says:

    At least once a week they show up in my stats, usually upwards of 20 hits in one day. I never tried to see what pages they were looking at. I don’t think I want to know.

  5. Ric The Schmuck says:

    So, do you think Steve Dolley knows about this?

  6. up, up and atom!

    up, up and atom! I’ve had hits from The Internation Atomic Energy Association before. But never as many as this.

  7. peat says:

    Come on…come clean…you are a terrorist aren’t you? Don’t worry, you can work it out. There is probably a twelve step program for terrorists somewhere out there.

  8. Les says:

    I just noticed them in my refer log today myself. Seems they last hit my site yesterday. This has piqued my interest and I’ll need to do some digging to see if I can figure out who the hell they are and why they’re scanning my site. Verrrrry interesting.

  9. I spy.

    Not sure which category to file this one under, but perhaps I need to start a “Paranoia” category. The other day Solonor made a post about seeing an entry in his referral list from the International Atomic Energy Agency that has appeared several times …

  10. Hello IAEA. How’s Tricks?

    Bush, spy, bomb, Iraq, terrorist, freedom-of-speech, censorship, CIA, FBI, BBC, MTV, yadda, yadda, yadda. Sorry, I was lonely and wanted

  11. skits says:

    Holy shit–I get hits from them, too. I’ve just glanced over their main page, shrugged and moved on. lol I’m so very unobservant.

  12. BenGarvey says:

    You guys aren’t the only ones. I’ve been seeing them in my logs, too. Interesting…

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