Kill the Humanssssss

Sorry, but that cicada site has really touched me this afternoon. It’s my favorite site ever. Some more cicada facts:

What do Cicadas eat?
Human children are the primary source of nutrition for Cicadas.
Losing your child to a deadly Cicada can be very traumatic. To prevent such a tragedy, we recommend wrapping your children tightly with shrink-wrapping. It is important to shrink wrap all children under the age of 12. The shrink-wrap must stay on the child for a 6 week period. Shrink wrapping is the only way to protect kids from the ferocious Cicada.

What should I do if a Cicada knocks on my door and pretends to be a Jehovah’s Witness?
This is a common occurrence. Don’t panic. Simply invite the Cicada in to hear your Amway presentation. This is generally a strong enough repellant.

Cicada Smoothies: Refreshing treat or deadly poison? Don’t believe the hype.
Do not believe the hype about the refreshing and healthy qualities of Cicada Smoothies. The Cicadas want you to drink their deadly mix of venom and flesh-eating bacteria disguised as a refreshing summer treat.

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4 Responses to Kill the Humanssssss

  1. theresa says:

    see.. that’s why i don’t like them!

  2. Tracy says:

    I’m actually very surprised the government hasn’t shut that site down yet! The truth is definitely out there. I was attacked YET AGAIN yesterday while waiting for a tow truck. Again, he was aiming for the jugular! This must be stopped. Thank you for doing your part, Solonor. I know you care.

  3. Network Geek says:

    Oh, no, the Masters, er, Cicadas are our friends. They have come to help us be more productive and live happier lives. We must obey….

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