Kitty Saga, Part 2

Good news on the kitty front. There are plenty of places willing to take him (including one in North Carolina that will provide transport), and according to a person who is somewhat of an expert in FIV-infected cats, it’s really not that high a risk for us to keep him.

We’re told that it takes a deep puncture wound to infect other cats, and since a.) he’s de-clawed and b.) he’s a big baby, the chances that he’ll do any harm to them is small. The other cats might attack him, but he’d run and hide. So, it’s seeming more likely that he’ll be hanging around for a while longer.

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One Response to Kitty Saga, Part 2

  1. Staz says:

    I’m a little late to this topic, but I’m glad you might be able to keep him. We have an FIV+ cat and he’s never been a threat to our other kitties, as they never fight. It would take a serious brawl to really spread any infection amongst them, so he does fine.

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