Klaatu Barada Nikto… DIE!

Did you ever wonder what happened to all the leftover weaponry from the last Martian invasion? Me too! After a world government formed as a response to a direct threat from our neighbors from the 4th planet finishes supplying arms to all the superhuman clones with visions of world domination, what’s it supposed to do with the extra blasters and heat rays?

That’s right! Sell ’em to the public.

Enter Brotron Labs, maker of fine giant robots since 1923. Co-founded by the creator of Robot Bastard and Channel 101, Brotron took on the challenge of distributing high-powered, high-quality atomic weapons at prices low enough for the average consumer.

Just watch this ad for the Electrolux Death Ray!

And if you need a Mercury 9000, 9-ft tall, welded steel robot or an Atomic Girl (and who doesn’t?), Brotron Labs has just what you’re looking for. Giant robots are a specialty.

“Yesterday’s Future: Today!”

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3 Responses to Klaatu Barada Nikto… DIE!

  1. Scott says:

    I was just dying at that site. Great stuff.

  2. skits says:

    Dude. That site is awesome. But, you have an Army of Darkness shoutout going on here that makes me luff you even more.

  3. New item for my wishlist.

    For some odd reason I can’t find this product at Amazon.com and it’s really annoying because I definitely want one on my wishlist. It’s the perfect thing for dealing with the idiots on the freeway who got their license from a Cracker Jack box… Found …

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