Life is just a fantasy (league)

So, now that fantasy football’s all done and rotisserie baseball hasn’t started, what’s a poor sports nut to do?

Well, if you’re not one of the fortunate ones with a Tolkien Baseball team, perhaps you could join the Fantasy Marching Band League.

FMBL started as a way for us band people to have a way to interact and have our own way of doing what we want with a band. There are Fantasy Leagues for every sport, and marching band is just as much of a sport as any other.

Meanwhile, Whiny is working on his own league: Rotisserie Chickens.

I suggested that one of the competitions could be DDR. Yep. Chicken Dance Dance Revolution…

(To quote my spouse: “You guys scare me.”)

I, myself, will be forming the Fantasy Fantasy League League, wherein you can pretend to be the owner of a fantasy sports league, putting points into areas such as popularity, creativity and merchandise.

(Hell, *I* scare me.)

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3 Responses to Life is just a fantasy (league)

  1. Ric The Schmuck says:


  2. Lambchop says:

    Great – the title of this post has sent me on a wormhole trip through time. I now have the song “Fantasy” by Aldo Nova in my head. I haven’t heard that song in what feels like a good 20 years. I’d forgotten I even knew it!

    Could be worse, I suppose.

  3. Alteredboy says:

    It gets worse….you could be humming the Fantasy Island theme like I am. de plane! de plane!

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