List me a song

I’m not sure everyone who tries this songs in list form meme gets it (I’m not sure I do, either). However, I have seen some pretty cool attempts. For example, Bitter Kat posted a few in her LJ, including this one:

Robots Never Cry
Meet the robots who, despite their turmoils, will not be crying

-in the middle of his life
-hoped to make Suzie his wife
-never told her everything he had to say
-sits alone
-drinks martinis every day
-aforementioned beau of Boris
-met a cash machine who could lead her to fame
-thought she was a singer
-had a voicebox
-dreams have been shattered
-sounds like Britney Spears
-did his duty
-dreamed of seeing Mars
-attached trunk lids to cars in Detroit
-planned to run away
-was fired from his job instead
-had plans to rule the world
-waited until he could unfurl his plot
-unaware of the passing time
-is now outdated
While not crying, robots
-have hopes and dreams
-get poked in the eye by life
-look up and want to touch the sky

By the way, if you attempt this, it’s best to use the HTML tags for Definition Lists (<dl>, <dt>, <dd>).

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