Turn your head and cough

Guess it’s time for our car to get its annual rectal exam. As previously chronicled, Saturns can take a smack in the ass and keep on truckin’ without a scratch. Same thing this time. Only the driver of the other vehicle wasn’t a big van this time, so they took a little damage.

All is well in Sollywood.

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2 Responses to Turn your head and cough

  1. Lisa says:

    That sounds like a classic case of, “Ya think this black eye looks bad, you should see the other guy!” Glad you’re okay.

  2. niki says:

    Glad you’re ok.
    I own two saturns, a ’97 SL and an ’02 VUE. The SL has only suffered door dings, never been in a fender bender. The VUE, on the other hand, has been side-swiped. Except for the fact the truck that hit us decided to grab and hold onto the side panel (and thus, ripping it almost completely off), the VUE faired ok. Still had almost $2K in damage, though, since the panel is bolted to the plastic bumper, and it tore… But anyway, yay for Saturns!

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