Record Labels Sue Internet Providers over Listen4Ever site

This is cool. I’m making my list (and checking it twice). If the morons at the RIAA win this one, here’s my list of people I am going to get to sue:

  • The Phone Company – for allowing crooked telemarketers to use their system to try to rip me off
  • The Postal Service – for allowing anthrax to be mailed to people (I might have gotten some of that! Best to sue for stuff I might have gotten, but didn’t, than to let those bastards at the Post Office get off scott free!)
  • The State Highway Commission – for letting morons drive and almost kill me…not to mention the fact that there must be a bunch of getaway cars from some illegal activity out there (maybe even copyright violators!)
  • The Electric Company – for letting crooks plug in the toaster at their hideouts (If they didn’t have their toast in the morning, they’d learn their lesson right quick!)

I can’t wait for the checks to roll in. Wait a second…how come the lights just went out?

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3 Responses to Listen4Never

  1. theresa says:

    hahahaha can I get in on some of those lawsuits?

  2. Petros says:

    What are the blocking? The folks at packed up and skipped town it seems. has reared its ugly head…

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