We went to see the movie Luther yesterday afternoon. Excellent film, though not exactly your typical Hollywood blockbuster.

It tells of Martin Luther’s struggle against the Catholic church in the early 1500’s. Joseph Fiennes is excellent as Luther, as is the scene-stealing Peter Ustinov, as the kindly Prince Friedrich. A most excellent historical film. In fact, about the only complaint I had with it was that it dove straight into the story without giving you any of the historical context. If you don’t already have some idea who Luther was or what he accomplished, you might get lost.

My abnormal teenage daughter, however, thought it was most excellent. One of her favorite movies, said she. She did say that she was probably the only one of her classmates who would have liked it, though. When she mentioned that she wanted to see “Luther”, they either went “Huh?” or “Cool. That’s about Martin Luther King, right?”

Oy vey.

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3 Responses to Luther

  1. Domino says:

    I saw “Kill Bill” last weekend. The first movie I’ve seen in a movie theatre in…well since LOTR2. Anyway, Kill Bill gets two thumbs up from me. Way cool flick in typical gritty Tarantino violent way, but still cool and hip and fun as heck.

  2. brandelion says:

    am still waiting to see both Kill Bill and Luther, but i did haul my widening behind to Walmart last night and bought Matrix Reloaded and Lion King. two movies in one go–we pulled in the lion’s share.

  3. srah says:

    The best thing about that is that you know that the smart one in the class is YOURS. 🙂

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