Many Worthy Candidates

As has been noted in just about every blog in the blogiverse, the Third Annual Bloggies are accepting nominations.

I took a little while this morning and filled out my lineup card. It was actually quite tough! I am not going to mention for whom I voted in the catch-all categories like “Blog of the Year” or “Best Galapagos Island Blog.” However, there are a couple of categories for which the obvious candidates just leap out and grab you.

Best Weblog Webring: I have a soft spot in my head heart for those whacky Dot Communists.

Best Weblog Directory or Update Monitor: Um, there’s more than one? If you don’t go vote for Blogrolling, consider yourself banned from the Internet for sheer stupidity.

Best Web Application for Weblogs: Again, how could anyone put anything besides Movable Type here? Dain bramage?

Best Non-Weblog Content of a Weblog Site: I wondered what the hell this was for the longest time. Then, it hit me! It’s stuff that’s part of the web site that’s not part of the blog…duh… I’m not going to jump up and down and declare myself “Blog of the Year” (again), but I will toot my own horn for both the 100 Banned Books List and the Dr. Demento Funny 100 (if not the Oscar Do-Overs). I’m sorry, but insane projects R us.

Best Web Development Weblog: This one has scriptygoddess written all over it, but I also think girlie’s tips and tricks deserves a nod.

Best Reviews or Weblog About Weblogs: Since I got such a nice review from them, I have to mention Bloggy Opinions here.

Best Group or Community Weblog: Good thing you can nominate three. Christine’s photoblog Picture Yourself, Raising Hell and, of course, Blogcritics go here. Tough competition!!

They didn’t have enough slots for my nominees in the other categories. There are too many to highlight. So, I’ll just leave you to your own tough decisions there. However, there is one category that I would like to highlight some more:

Best Meme! Now this is a category that would be fun to discuss, I think. While, of course, the greatest bit of insanity that spread through the blogiverse was gathering minions, I’d like to hear what some people think are the others–even if just to be reminded of the fun things we do to waste time. Was it Carnival of the Vanities? Monday Mission? Banned Books Project? Zilla-fied everything? Boobies? Toss out some mammaries memories!

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  1. Promo says:

    Oh yes, the Monday Mission for sure. Heh.

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