Merry Fricking Christmas

Johnny Be Gone

Yes, Johnny Damon is now a Yankee. (One of the best lines I saw on it was “Jesus Shaves”.) About the only silver lining I see is that now a bunch of rabid Yankee fans who hate Damon will have to suck it up and love him. Heh.

Bah, humbug.

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3 Responses to Merry Fricking Christmas

  1. Bob says:

    Damon and Bellhorn on the Yankees – that’s messed up. I haven’t been this confused since Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens wore the pinstripes. If the Yankees ever sign Pedro I’ll be sick.

  2. statia says:

    Yeah, but all the Boston fans who loved him now have to suck it up and hate him.

    Bah humbug is right.

  3. shelley ju says:

    I’m just gonna miss Johnny’s Dunkin’ Donuts commercials.

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