Miss Me?

It’s one thing to go on vacation and say, “I’m not gonna even think about my blog or my website for a week.” It is quite another to be stuck out in the boonies with a bad dial-up connection for a week after moving your site to a new web host… I got to dial in for about five minutes a night… just long enough to see how crappy everything was going.

Tagboard dead.
MySQL dead.
Individual archives with SQL errors.
XML feed dead.
Home page screwed up.
All genealogy pages wiped out.
All my fault, and I couldn’t do a darn thing about it.
Frustration city.

Ah well, I’m back now. All is fixed. Genealogy pages are being uploaded as we speak.

Now I just have to catch up on a week’s worth of other peoples’ blog entries and find all the archive posts that people come here looking for and put them out there somewhere (all the numbers changed, yay)… not to mention that I owe posts to The Liberty Dogs and BlogCritics
OR the fact that Gretchen has been whining about her complete snub in the Minion Calendar
OR that it’s frickin’ Christmas and I haven’t taken the kids out to shop for Mom, yet…
OR that I haven’t gotten my Two Towers tickets yet!!

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6 Responses to Miss Me?

  1. robyn says:

    Well if you’d like me to stalk you for the holidays to help cheer you up, just say the word!

  2. Gretchen says:

    Weeeeeeeeelll how would yooooooooouuuuuu feeeeeeeeel if it happened to yoooooouuuuuu? *sigh* *sniffle*

  3. Solonor says:

    OK, I’m not sure if we’re talking about being stalked by Robyn or getting snubbed in the Miss Blogiverse Contest now… I’m so easily confuzzled…

    Robyn: Go ahead and stalk away. Just be aware that my significant other is one of those “quiet types”… You know like: “I can’t believe she just went off and killed that guy. She was always so quiet…”

    Gretchen: All will be made right soon… or I’ll make it worse… either way, it’ll be fun!

  4. kat says:

    man!! I missed you!!!

  5. statia says:

    welcome back. You don’t know what you got until it’s gone. But the withdrawls are horrible… shakes, diahrrea, the whole nine yards man.

  6. wSpacebran says:

    welcome back kotter!

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