Best. Skin. Ever.

Was just over at kdblog wishing her a belated happy birthday. You should go there. You see at the end of this wormhole lies

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4 Responses to Best. Skin. Ever.

  1. michele says:

    Fly the pig, Gir!

  2. wSpacebran says:

    HA! i love that episode.

    what was i saying…?

  3. wSpacebran says:

    and, because i’m a twit, i have to say:

    THIS is the

    i’ve said my peace.

  4. kd says:

    i switch defaults between spongebob and zim, and i’ve been using zim lots lately because it’s, well, darker, and my december moods you know … but bran’s spongebob skin is an inspired bit of design, and i love it (and spacebran herself) like crazy. faith’s penguin skin rocks too.

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