These are not the posts you’re looking for…

According to my stats, I get a ton of visitors looking for three or four specific posts in my archives. Unfortunately, since I moved everything around and reinstalled MT, all the numbers have changed. So, now I have a bunch of you coming in from Google going, “What the…? That’s not what I wanted, dumbass!”

Even though you could use the search tool or scan the archives, we here at pride ourselves on customer service. So, here is a list of those infamous posts with new links. Knock yourself out, kid.

The Art of Being Frugal
The Doctor is IN
The Straight Dope
Astronomy Pic of the Day
Spiderman Will Make You Gay
Earl Vickers: Supra-Genius
Might As Well Be Walking On The Sun
Doublethink and Newspeak
100 Banned Books (1-10)
Mr. Bad Example
I Want My Zip Zaps
A Barrel Full of Monkeys
Monkey Knife Fight
Arise My Minions! To Arms!
Happy Minioning
Feel the Power

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