MOHAA Spearhead Expansion Pack

Dispatch from the front. Sgt. Grump reports the following:

The MOHAA add-on is supposed to be in the stores tomorrow (18th). But if you want a preview of it, try this:

Be sure to download both the demo AND the “server patch”.

The demo includes:

Map- Malta – Machine guns and MORTARS! Large, complex map. Kind of a mix of Algiers (winding streets), Destroyed Village (rubble), and “Doomed City” (medieval city- if you remember that user-created map we played a couple times), and Crossroads (has a bridge).

Map- Druckkammen. A German U-Boat base. Think of this as a larger “V-2 Rocket Factory”. Ugh!

Weapons- Note #1: To use the specific American/British/Russian weapons, you have to be wearing the appropriate uniform. Note #2: Except for weapons that require the secondary fire key (sniper rifles, grenade launcher), you can now use weapons other than pistols to beat your opponent!

Gameplay- Built-in Realism; Built-in Voting. Easier to set up map rotations. New type of game: “Tug of War”.

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  1. Moushe says:

    Hi there, I installed the full version of SPEARHEAD and after leaving the config screen to begin a mission, the mission starts and I hear sounds and all but the video sucks, reall kinda black, I’m using a G Force MX315 128 Video board and an intel 800mHz Processor with 512k ram, this game worked on my 550 mHz with the same video board, but not with this Asus bx 800mHz??

    Any idea’s!

    Thanks much,


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