Monday Mission 2.50

It’s beginning to look a lot like Monday Mission.

1. So, what do you want for Christmas this year that you probably won’t get?
A new Fender bass and a mixing board.

2. What do you know you will be receiving for Christmas this year?
Bills. Lotsa bills.

3. If you had the means to do so, what presents would you get some of your fellow bloggers? Be specific, it’s more fun that way!
Seriously, if I won the Lotto, I’d go out and get the most expensive item on everyone’s Amazon Wish List. No, that is not a sign that you should find something more pricey for your list…

4. Do you support any organizations that provide for the less fortunate during the holidays? Or do any volunteer work?
As much as I can, I support organizations that do good works all year. Usually, it’s through the church.

5. Each year about this time, I notice Church attendance seems to spike, then drops off sharply after Christmas. It tickles me that these folks think they are pulling a fast one on the Big Guy. What is the most recent thing guilt has motivated you to do?
Well, I did feel guilty about missing the last few Monday Missions…

6. According to the commercials, the only way to truly tell someone you love them on Christmas day is to let them “Unwrap a Jaguar” automobile. Are there any examples of excessive commercialism and/or blatant disregard for the “Christmas Spirit” that really get under your skin?
Crass commercialism doesn’t bother me. In fact, some of my fondest TV memories are of Christmas commercials. “Noelco” and “Dolly Madison” during Charlie Brown are faves.

7. I remember a song where the singers wished they could teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony. What would you like to teach the world?
To send me all their money.

BONUS: Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?
Feed the world, baybee!

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